Countryside Tours will Return on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

Soak in the beauty and simplicity of Amish Country as you roam the back roads of Lancaster County with your own personal guide. Have a question that just popped into your head? Ask your guide! Heard about something that you really want to see? Your guide can take you there!

All our guides have a Mennonite or Amish heritage from which they give you a true and well-balanced understanding of their faith and culture. Our guides have lived most of their lives in Lancaster’s Amish Country, so you can count on them to help you discover some “hidden treasures”!

During your tour, you can make about three stops at places that interest you. You can see (and smell!) the cows at an Amish dairy farm. Marvel at the intricacy and beauty of a quilt at a quilt shop. Discover what shoofly pie is at a bake shop. Or stop at one of the many other fascinating small shops scattered about the back roads.

So come and enjoy time in another world. See the Amish farmers working in their fields with their teams of mules and horses and the clothes hanging to dry on a long pulley clothesline. Hear the clip-clopping of a horse’s hooves and the rattle of a buggy. Taste a yummy soft pretzel and some fizzy home-made root beer. Relax as a guide assists you to understand and experience Lancaster’s Amish Country!

To arrange a car tour, please consider the following options:

  1. Go to Mennonite Information Center during open hours and speak to a customer representative. Please allow 30 minutes to arrange a guide for your request (Note: Due to scheduling challenges, there is always a slim possibility that a guide will be unavailable for your request).

  2. Call Mennonite Information Center during open hours and speak directly to a customer representative at 717-299-0954 x302 (Please do not leave a message, as we will not be able to honor that request).

Please note the following:

  • On this guided tour, you will be driving your vehicle.

  • The guide will be riding in your vehicle. Please have free space and a seat belt for the guide.

  • For a personal vehicle, please show verification of car insurance, license plate number, name, address, phone number, and the number of persons in the vehicle (1-7).

  • For a rental vehicle, a key fob should have all the essential information.

  • A two-hour tour costs $60, each additional hour costs $25

  • Additional hours will be charged upon completion of the tour before the Mennonite Information Center closes.

  • In the event the Mennonite Information Center closes before the end of the tour, please call and charge the additional hour on a credit card.

  • If a guide deems it necessary, he/she can end the tour and ask to be returned to Mennonite Information Center.

All the guides have grown up in Lancaster, PA and have a Mennonite affiliation.

They are self-employed and make every effort to design a tour specific to your interests.

The guides are delighted to offer this service to you. We invite you to show appreciation by offering your guide a gratuity.

It is important to note that guides will be riding in your vehicle.

You must speak directly to a customer representative to reserve a tour.

Availability is not guaranteed for walk-in guests.

Call ahead for a reservation at (717) 299-0954, ext. #3